World Poetry Day 2018

World Poetry Day 2018

It’s World Poetry Day at Sunshine Gym,

So we’ve written a poem about ways to get slim.

Our fitness equipment is completely on trend,

With plenty of doubles to use with a friend.

We have equipment for children and adults as well,

And rehab equipment for when you’ve been unwell.

There’s the Health Walker, Sky Stepper and Slalom Skier,

Which are all gentle cardio, so there’s no need to fear.

There’s the Pull up, Push down and indeed the Rower,

And with you in charge, you can go faster or slower.

There’s the Horse Rider, Bicycle and Balance Beam,

Which with three separate bars, allows you to work as a team.

There’s so much more equipment, but we’ve run out of time,

So here we shall end our Sunshine Gym rhyme.