Five best outdoor gym workouts for flexibility

Five best outdoor gym workouts for flexibility
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For our bodies to work at their best, they need to be supple and flexible.
Flexibility improves posture and mobility and being able to move better can result in fewer injuries.
Greater movement in the body also leads to better performance as the muscles are working more effectively.
Better flexibility can also result in improved strength as the body has the ability to withstand more stress.

Are flexibility exercises for everyone?

As with any workout, anyone who has a chronic condition or injury should seek advice before embarking on a stretching programme.
However moving more often and staying flexible contributes to better physical and mental health overall.
Flexibility also enables us to carry out everyday tasks, maintaining a better standard of living for longer.
Older people may benefit from stretching exercises for flexibility and many moves are gentle and easy to follow.
Beginners should build up slowly and gradually increase repetitions as well as routine.

The best workouts for better flexibility

1.       Double Health Walker

Walking regularly is fantastic for aerobic fitness and it also has a positive effect on the joints. In fact for people with arthritis, walking is recommended because it reduces strain on the joints and can even improve some symptoms.
Walking also protects the joints which are most susceptible to osteoarthritis such as the knees and hips.
The Double Health Walker from Sunshine Gym is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in our range and it’s easy to understand why.
As well as offering the chance to work out with a friend thanks to its multi-user design, the Double Health Walker is really easy to use.
It’s perfect for beginners and those new to exercise while also supporting a flexibility workout, featuring in warm up and cool down routines, and accommodating effective cardiovascular workouts.
Walking aids joint mobility which is crucial for good flexibility.

2.       Tai Chi Discs

Known for its low impact, slow-motion movements, Tai Chi helps to maintain strength, flexibility and balance.
The Tai Chi Discs from Sunshine Gym, which are available in a range of formats, are based on the same principles. They are designed to encourage users to complete natural, circular movements while focusing their attention on breathing and the relaxed pace of the exercise.
The Tai Chi Discs are available in the Children’s outdoor gym equipment range as well as out standard range and wheelchair accessible range.
We also offer Flat Tai Chi Discs and Rowing Wheels, available in our range of inclusive outdoor gym equipment, which vary the movements available to users.
These encourage movements similar to shoulder rolls, arm circles and windmills.

3.       Double Squat Push

Squats support good hip mobility and are encouraged to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
Bodyweight squats improve flexibility in the knees, feet and ankles as well as the hips.
Squats are also used to strengthen muscles, but because they encourage a range of motion there are also knock-on benefits for flexibility.
The Double Squat Push is a fantastic introduction to this exercise because it encourages good form, supports the back and reduces the impact on the ankles.
Working out with a friend is a really beneficial way to stick to workout plans and as a multi-user station, the Double Squat Push enables users to motivate and encourage each other while sitting face to face.

4.       Bicycle

Cycling is also a good cardio and strength building exercise. But because it engages multiple lower body muscles like the quads, hamstrings and glutes, it can also benefit overall hip function.
Including some cycling into a flexibility routine can boost range of motion.
Like many of the pieces of outdoor gym equipment from Sunshine Gym, the Bicycle is low impact and easy to use.
It is a familiar sight to most outdoor gym visitors and as it is powered only by the user without added resistance, users can control the pace. As a low-impact activity the bicycle can build strength and flexibility over time.

5.       Leg Stretch

Stretching is necessary to maintain flexibility. Without stretching, the muscles become shorter and tighter and when they are weaker they are unable to extend fully.
It is usually good to include dynamic stretches in warm-ups but for cool-downs or for stretching as part of an exercise routine, static stretches are also beneficial.
The Leg Stretch from Sunshine Gym not only encourages and reminds users not to skip the cool-down with enough space for up to three users at a time, it provides solid support for stretches involving the major muscle groups.

Please Note:

This blog is for educational purposes only. Speak to a doctor before beginning any physical activity for the first time. Stop exercising immediately should you feel any discomfort such as faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath.