The best outdoor gym equipment for a lower body workout

The best outdoor gym equipment for a lower body workout
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Lower body workouts not only strengthen some of the body’s largest muscles, they also support improved performance in other activities such as running or team sports like football.
From beginners to more experienced gym users, an effective leg workout is essential for everyday functional fitness.
Leg workouts usually engage other muscles in the process, especially around the core, and can improve balance, stability and power.
The NHS advises adults to do strengthening activities that work all the major muscle groups – legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms – on at least two days a week.
So leg day, combined with upper body workouts and aerobic activity, should feature in a regular exercise programme.

What are the best lower body workouts?

Compound exercises, where more than one muscle group is in use, are great for lower body workouts as they quite often replicate natural movements.
Improving functional fitness prepares the body for efficient working and the completion of tasks and activities we need to go about our daily lives.
Instead of working muscles in total isolation, compound lower body exercises follow patterns which keep us fit and strong and able to perform other activities.

Outdoor gym routines for the lower body

The squat is a staple of the lower body workout. And for those new to exercise, returning from injury or unable to put pressure on the joints, the Double Squat Push is the ideal way to introduce squats into a routine.
Users bend their knees while sat on the equipment with their feet against the foot rest. This provides a low impact move which still works the leg muscles and improves flexibility around the hips.
The Leg Raise meanwhile is somewhat more challenging, working the lower abs. Users can make contact with the frame to support their back while gripping the rails. 
The Leg Raise supports a range of movements such as standard crunches, where the user is pulling the knees up to the chest in a controlled manner and engaging the abs.
A straight leg lift sees users bend at the hips to raise their legs parallel to the floor, and is a more advanced move.
Meanwhile the Endurance Multi Rig is the ideal piece of equipment to include in outdoor gyms used by people of varying fitness levels.
For lower body workouts, the Endurance Multi Rig offers the tools needed to complete a range of movements such as a sit-up board for reverse crunches, again for the lower abs.
The board can also be used for split lunges, which puts the emphasis on the quads.

Combining strength and cardio

One of the benefits of working out in the outdoor gym is that a wide range of equipment is available to also accommodate warm ups and cool downs.
Strength training sessions, including exercises such as those outlined above, can also be combined with cardio across the week.
Equipment such as the Double Health Walker, which is similar to an outdoor treadmill, Bicycle and Sky Stepper, our outdoor gym version of the cross trainer, all provide effective cardio sessions.
Any outdoor gym workout sessions brings enhanced benefits such as better mood, reduced symptoms of stress and anxiety and they can promote weight loss.
A strong lower body can help improve posture and prevent injury, build muscle and improve overall fitness.

Please note: This blog is for educational purposes only. Speak to a doctor before beginning any physical activity for the first time. Stop exercising immediately should you feel any discomfort such as faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath.