Why your outdoor gym needs a… Rower

Why your outdoor gyms needs a… Rower
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Why your outdoor gym needs a… Rower

For good general fitness and endurance, you can’t go wrong with an exercise session on the Rower.
Similar to traditional rowing machines found in indoor gyms, the Sunshine Gym Rower is easy to use and offers an all-over body workout.
It’s far from boring. In fact we think there’s a place for the Rower in everyone’s workout.

The Rower

Our outdoor Rower works using body weight as resistance. Keeping movements smooth and controlled, this can be an effective training technique to work all the major muscle groups.
Rowing is a total body movement, activating the lower body, upper body and core muscles all at the same time.
The cardiovascular system gets a workout too, keeping the heart and lungs pumping.

Why choose a Rower?

A Rower injects variety into a workout. If you’re a runner for example, it’s a great way to build stamina while taking a break from the treadmill or Health Walker.
It doesn’t put intense stress on the body so time on the Rower can be factored into longer fitness sessions.
The Rower can also be incorporated into warm-ups, preparing the body for further effort to come.
And by stepping up the rate of the rowing strokes, the Rower offers a satisfying finisher.

Who can use a Rower?

A Rower is super simple to use. Holding on to the handles, users pull the levers back into the body while straightening the legs. The knees are then bent as the handles return back to the starting position – just like rowing a boat.
Because the Sunshine Gym Rower works using only body weight, it offers a low impact workout that doesn’t put pressure on the joints.
All of our equipment comes with easy to understand operating instructions, and thanks to the familiar look and feel of the Rower it doesn’t take long for beginners to get to grips with the actions involved.
At Sunshine Gym, we’ve also designed a children’s version of the Rower. This means that young people can exercise safely on equipment built specifically for users under 140cm tall.

Where can a Rower be installed?

Being a fantastic all-round piece of kit, the Rower is perfect for every setting and suitable for users of all ages and fitness ability.
It is particularly effective in healthcare settings, thanks to the low-impact nature of the movements involved, or in residential developments such as retirement complexes.
The Rower is also good for high schools, colleges and universities, offering a diverse range of fitness equipment, while the children’s version is perfect for KS1 and KS2 age groups.
While it may not be as compact as an indoor rower, the Sunshine Gym outdoor rower offers a comfy seat and rubber grip handles designed to withstand the elements. This makes it suitable for community settings also.
At Sunshine Gym, all of our outdoor gym installations are designed with a 1.5 metre safety zone around the equipment.

What other benefits come with a Rower?

Time on the Rower is great for clearing the mind and focusing on the task at hand. It’s also a chance to concentrate on technique and form, getting the full benefit from the workout.
It offers the chance to build power and aerobic capacity all at the same time.

To talk to our teams about installing an outdoor gym or adding a Rower to your outside space, get in touch today.

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