Why your outdoor gym needs… a Double Squat Push

Why your outdoor gym needs… a Double Squat Push
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Regular exercise can actually help to prevent injury.
Keeping the body flexible and strong protects the joints and improves balance.
That’s why our standard range of outdoor gym equipment, aimed at teenagers and adults, includes the Double Squat Push to build strength as well as improve aerobic capacity.

The Double Squat Push

The Double Squat Push is similar to a leg press machine which can be found in indoor gyms and follows the basic movement of a squat.
Squats burn calories and are one of the most effective body weight moves.
The traditional leg press however generally adds resistance in the form of weights which users push with their legs.
The Double Squat Push is powered only by the user and does not include additional resistance, but like the leg press it does isolate the leg muscles for a targeted workout.
It combines elements of the leg press and squat to improve posture and mobility, and increase lower body strength.
Users sit down and rest their feet against the bar with their knees bent. They then push against the bar to straighten their legs before bending their knees again to return to their original position.
Repeating the move helps to improve strength and fitness.

Why choose the Double Squat Push?

Adding variation into an outdoor gym is important when appealing to a wide user base.
NHS exercise guidelines suggest adults should aim to do some type of physical activity every day including strengthening activities that work all the major muscle groups.
The Double Squat Push works the legs and hips and while the user is only pushing their own body weight, increasing reps and controlling the speed of the move can contribute to a moderate or vigorous intensity workout.

Who can use the Double Squat Push?

The Double Squat Push works the body in a fixed movement pattern and although it is a simple move it targets the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves.
The comfortable seat with backrest takes the pressure off the lower back, knees and ankles making the Double Squat Push ideal for older users, beginners, people returning to exercise and those following a gentle rehabilitation programme.
It features components of everyday functional movements like sitting down to help users maintain the muscular fitness they need to comfortably complete activities associated with daily living.
It's a great way for new users to build basic strength and get used to the movement, refining their technique before moving on to squats. Its simplicity removes any technical barriers or fears beginners may experience.
Experienced outdoor gym visitors can incorporate the Double Squat Press into tabata training where users try to complete as many reps as they can into a set time, before a short rest and then repeating for a set number of rounds.
A tabata workout is usually beneficial to those short on time and as well as increasing muscle it boosts metabolism and raises the heart rate.

Where can the Double Squat Push be installed?

The Double Squat Push is a fantastic introduction to strength training and functional fitness for teenagers and young adults.
It is ideal for outdoor gyms in secondary schools, colleges and universities.
Any outdoor gym that serves a community of users from different backgrounds and abilities will also benefit from the Double Squat Push.
As well as complementing cardiovascular equipment such as the Double Health Walker, Sky Stepper and Double Slalom Skier, the Double Squat Push can be included in warm up and cool downs.
It's great for parks and community recreation grounds, adding a strength training element for those who like to run or walk for exercise.
Outdoor gyms in healthcare settings might also consider the Double Squat Push while including the equipment in outdoor gyms for residential developments, secure units and workplaces can keep regular visitors challenged.

What other benefits come with the Double Squat Push?

The Double Squat Push is a two-user station, automatically adding to the value offered by one piece of equipment.
Users sit opposite each other while exercising, encouraging social cohesion and making exercise more enjoyable and effective as they encourage each other to safely press more.
Adding strength building options to an outdoor gym is important for all round health and fitness.

If your intended outdoor gym user group has specific goals and fitness intentions, our sales team can advise on the best gym design to help achieve them. Get in touch today.