Mayor on health walker

Broseley Town Council required an outdoor fitness area to be placed in Birchmeadow Field in Broseley, in order to encourage a more active community. Sunshine Gym supplied a range of adult outdoor fitness equipment in order to encourage everybody to use their local green space to engage in physical activity.

The installation process began by creating larger holes to prevent movement. Then ground anchors were concreted into position and left to harden. Minimum ware grass matting was installed and set into existing grass around the edges. Then the equipment was bolted to the ground anchors. Finally one last clean, and an inspection was made before handing over Broseley Town Council and allowing the equipment to be used by the general public.

Amongst the range of equipment that was fitted was a Health Walker. The Health Walker mimics the action of walking, yet doesn’t have the same painful impact on the knee and ankle joints that actual walking or a treadmill has. This great piece of equipment gives a great workout for the lower body. The mayor of Broseley tried it out and loved every minute of it!

Other pieces of equipment that were installed included the Rower, Twist and Step, Combination Pull Down and Power Push, Sky Stepper and Horse Rider. When combined these pieces of equipment work together to improve speed, strength and stamina, thus improving overall fitness.

The town council were that impressed with the units that they are planning on ordering more outdoor gym equipment in order to complete their fitness area.