Dawley Park required a brand new outdoor fitness area for adults. This area is adjacent to an already existing play area and enables parents to work out whilst still watching their children play. Whilst keeping an eye on their children parents can gain a full body workout on both cardio and strength machines.

Outdoor fitness equipment such as the Double Slalom Skier is a sociable piece of equipment that can be used by two people of any ability. Using this machine for just a short amount of time can strengthen the muscles in the lower body as well as being a great cardiovascular workout. You set your own pace so whether it is a high or a low impact workout it is up to you making it a great way to improve your fitness.

Other pieces of outdoor gym equipment that were installed include:

  • Health Walker,
  • Double Tai Chi Disks,
  • Leg Raise,
  • Parallel Bars,
  • Combination Pull Down and Power Push,
  • Rower,
  • Sit Up Benches,
  • Double Pull Up,
  • Leg Stretch.

The idea for the park came from Viv Chalmers of Sanctuary Supported Living Group, who specialise in helping people who live with learning difficulties and other disabilities. The project was commissioned by Councillor Derek Owen of Telford and Wrekin Council. The park was then opened by the Mayor of Dawley and after the success of the outdoor fitness area, Viv Chalmers is pushing to get more equipment added hoping to make it the biggest outdoor fitness area in the West Midlands.