Why your outdoor gym needs an… Activ8 Multi Gym

Why your outdoor gym needs an… Activ8 Multi Gym
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When it’s time to get a workout in, heading to the outdoor gym should be first port of call.
That’s why a Multi Gym is an ideal option for outdoor fitness areas. 
Offering a variety of equipment stations in just one footprint, the Activ8 Multi Gym from Sunshine Gym delivers a wide range of benefits.

The Activ8 Multi Gym.

The Activ8 can accommodate up to eight users at any one time. With a fully inclusive design, the Activ8 provides upper and lower body exercises as well as movements which strengthen the core.
A Slalom Skier features at either end of the equipment as part of the cardio offer.
This is complemented by a Double Health Walker in the centre of the Multi Gym.
To one side is a Double Waist Twister and to the other side is a wheelchair accessible Arm Pedal exerciser and opposite that are wheelchair accessible Tai Chi Discs.
Some elements can be used for stretching, warm ups and cool downs, such as the Waister Twister and Tai Chi Discs, while some can be used for aerobic workouts like the Slalom Skiers and Double Health Walker.
Together they can be used in a circuit or for a whole body workout.

Why choose the Activ8 Multi Gym?

Encouraging more people to be physically active leads to healthier communities - whether that’s school or college communities, workplaces, supported living units, or residential neighbourhoods.
The Active8 brings people together to keep fit, offering workout choices for everybody whatever the age, level, background or ability.
It combines some of our most popular pieces of equipment, which are also some of the easiest to use in our range, opening up fitness opportunities by removing barriers such as gym intimidation.
The Multi Gym design actively encourages social integration and inclusion, boosting users’ confidence and the likelihood of them keeping up their fitness regime if they can work out with friends.
The Activ8 provides an all-round fitness boost as well as the option for users to tailor their workout to their needs and goals.

Who can use the Activ8 Multi Gym?

At Sunshine Gym we offer a children’s range of outdoor gym equipment as well as a range for adults and users over 4’ 7” tall.
We offer an Activ8 in these child friendly dimensions which is a great choice for primary schools as it brings pupils from all age and friendship groups together to socialise and motivate each other.
A Multi Gym is a good way of raising the profile of exercise and fitness across the whole school as every pupil can take part in a workout which is fun as well as good for their physical and mental wellbeing.
With wheelchair accessible stations included in the Activ8, the Multi Gym can help wheelchair users to exercise to prevent injury, improve range of motion and build flexibility.
The Activ8 can be used by children and adults of all fitness levels, allowing each user to work independently to their speed and pace.
Beginners can build stamina by increasing the time they spend on their workouts while more advanced users might work on technique or build aerobic capacity through interval workouts.

Where can the Activ8 Multi Gym be installed?

The Children’s Activ8 suits the KS1 and KS2 age ranges while the standard Activ8 can encourage older students to keep fit in an outdoor gym at their secondary school or college.
Whether it is a hard surface playground, playing field or land which requires more inviting surfacing, our team will ensure the correct installation and safety standards are met.
The gentle workout offer can suit retirement or supported living accommodation as well as some healthcare settings.
The Activ8 Multi Gym’s inclusive design aims to support the creation of healthy communities, making recreation grounds, parks and leisure sites ideal locations to install the Activ8.

What other benefits come with the Activ8 Multi Gym?

Outdoor gym equipment from Sunshine Gym is designed to be used all year round whatever the weather, making outdoor fitness more accessible to everybody.
It is also free to access, removing cost barriers associated with traditional gym memberships and sports training.
The Activ8 can help primary schools meet the criteria for spending the PE and Sport Premium and it’s a useful tool in supporting workplace wellbeing, offering healthy break out facilities.

To discuss how an Activ8 can build a healthy community where you work, live or study, contact our team today.