How to improve the outdoor gym experience

How to improve the outdoor gym experience
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One of the advantages of choosing to partner with Sunshine Gym for your outdoor fitness project is the many years of experience we have in delivering sustainable outdoor improvements.
We are experts in the design and installation of outdoor gyms, as well as suppliers of high-quality equipment.
In line with our ‘fitness for everybody’ motto, we believe in creating long-lasting outdoor fitness areas so that users can continue to benefit for years to come.
Keeping outdoor fitness engaging and interesting for users is another consideration we make, to ensure that clients who invest in our equipment, as well as the communities our gyms serve, achieve best value.

New outdoor gym equipment

Designed in the UK, we constantly rethink and refresh our range to keep it compatible with the needs of users as well as relevant and effective in today’s fast-moving fitness industry.
We also design to high safety requirements applying our extensive knowledge of British and European standards to all our equipment.
Some of our most recent additions to the Sunshine Gym range includes inclusive user stations where wheelchair-users and non-wheelchair-users can work out together.
We’ve also expanded our wheelchair accessible collection as well as created new multi-user equipment for the standard and children’s range.
One of the most exciting additions for 2023 is the arrival of our outdoor multi-functional rigs combining some of our most popular strength building equipment with apparatus for calisthenics and gymnastic training.

Sustainable outdoor gym design

Our gym design service considers the layout of the equipment as well as the equipment choice which all contributes to a better outdoor gym experience.
We take into account the user journey as well as safety zones and the practical considerations of each individual site. 
It is important to us that the outdoor gyms we design and install break down barriers to fitness so that as many people as possible have access to free, easy-to-operate outdoor fitness equipment.
This includes delivering equipment designs and gym layouts which bring people together and promote social inclusion.
Our multi gyms and multi user stations are examples of how we use group motivation and the power of working out with friends to get more people active for all round wellbeing.

Tips for improving an outdoor gym

Our friendly team at Sunshine Gym has lots of advice for improving outdoor gym projects as well as rejuvenating existing facilities.
We would ask clients to think about different types of user they believe will be visiting the gym and what their goals and aims might be.
This can positively influence equipment selection. For example if an existing outdoor gym is solely focused on cardiovascular equipment, we would look at extending the gym with a strength zone. 
Similarly if the equipment is quite advanced, we could consider some beginners pieces to make the area more inclusive and less intimidating.

For new outdoor gyms, we would look at budget and how we can maximise that with the best equipment for the needs of users, and possibly factor in space for additional equipment at a later date.
Adding safety surfacing and markings can improve an outdoor gym project from the start. 
Sunshine Gym is designed to offer a comprehensive outdoor workout as well as complement other bodyweight exercises.
Adding in markings for circuit training, or a sprint track instantly adds to the outdoor gym offer for users.

At Sunshine Gym we always adhere to stringent safety regulations, and this in itself can boost the appeal of an outdoor gym.
Delivering a outdoor gym which inspires confidence among users and which they feel comfortable visiting will make a big difference to its popularity.
As part of the Broxap group of companies, Sunshine Gym can also offer a wide range of outdoor improvements such as seating, signage , litter and recycling bins and railings.
Finally we would always recommend adding fun and variety into an outdoor gym - but keep it simple.
Research regarding the most popular gym equipment in indoor gyms show the treadmill; stair climber and cross trainer in the top three positions.
This can be replicated with the Double Health Walker, Twist N Step and Sky Stepper from the outdoor gym range.
But we also have some really fun pieces to mix up every workout such as the Horse Rider and the Slalom Skier.
For more information on how to design the best outdoor gym or improve an existing facility, give our teams a call.