Outdoor Fitness Rigs from Sunshine Gym

Outdoor Fitness Rigs from Sunshine Gym
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Offering whole body workouts, functional fitness training and compound exercise stations the new Outdoor Fitness Rig range from Sunshine Gym moves body conditioning up to the next level.
Outdoor training sessions incorporating these fitness rigs help users to build the strength and mobility they need to tackle the demands of everyday life.
Functional fitness rigs accommodate all the movements associated with health through different development milestones, making these pieces of equipment ideal for high schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and community locations.
Our thoughtful designs are intended to inspire confidence among users, inject a social element to workouts and are made up of a wide variety of stations to encourage performance progression.
Outdoor Fitness Rigs from Sunshine Gym encourage healthy communities – and healthy communities are prosperous communities.
This outdoor gym equipment will prove immediately popular, wherever it’s located, encouraging even more people to give it a try and enjoy a boost to wellbeing.

Olympus Outdoor Fitness Rig

The biggest complete workout rig in the new Sunshine Gym range is the Olympus Outdoor Fitness Rig.
It can accommodate up to 30 users at any one time, lending itself to group instruction, PE lessons and practical experiences as well as leisure workouts, one-to-one training and individual workouts.
Users can tailor a bespoke gym experience to their needs or follow set routines and programmes.
Individual elements of the rig can be incorporated into wider outdoor gym sessions, such as splitting cardio and bodyweight resistance training across a week.
The components of the Olympus Outdoor Fitness Rig mirror those in the smaller Camelot Rig, but features multiple Chin/Pull Up Handles, Arched Ladders, Trapeze Rings and Double Sliders.
The pull up bar is deceptively simple but it can be incorporated into exercises which work the abs, arms and back.
The Trapeze Rings are traditionally used in calisthenics, challenging many different muscle groups and building muscle endurance.

Camelot Outdoor Fitness Rig

If users are looking for the same challenges offered by the Olympus Outdoor Fitness Rig but space is at a premium, then the Camelot is a solution without compromise.
This outdoor gym configuration is for more than 20 users. Like the Olympus, it combines some of our standalone stations within the design.
This includes the Parallel Rails, Pull Down Challenger and Squat Push. With familiar pieces of equipment integrated alongside equipment for more advanced moves, Outdoor Fitness Rigs from Sunshine Gym offer opportunities for users of all levels – beginners to the advanced – to benefit from outdoor workouts.

Atlantis Outdoor Fitness Rig

The design of the Atlantis really packs a punch. It combines high-quality workout racks and platforms but lends itself to smaller group sessions and personal training requirements as well as unsupervised use.
This outdoor fitness rig layout again retains elements from the Sunshine Gym strength training range to encourage first-time users to advance their routines.
But it also includes all the features from the more extensive outdoor fitness rigs so users can continue to build functional fitness and benefit from better mobility, strength and coordination.

Hercules Outdoor Fitness Rig

Everybody should take part in functional fitness training – it’s an efficient mix of exercise that can improve the cardiovascular system as well as build strength.
One of the main advantages of functional fitness training is that it tests the body against its own weight so with just a few pieces of simple equipment, everybody can enjoy a good workout.
The Hercules may be smaller than its outdoor fitness rig counterparts at Sunshine Gym but it still offers the opportunity to include compound exercises like shoulder presses and squats; unilateral exercises such as bench split squats and plyometric exercises like incline clap push-ups.

Sthenos Outdoor Fitness Rig

The Sthenos Outdoor Fitness Rig really maximises outdoor space to provide fitness for everybody. 
It includes a Leg Raise for lower body (legs and abs) workouts, Overhead Ladders for climbing frame workouts that target the back and forearms and Offset Ladders for lateral moves like side-to-side swinging pull-ups.

The addition of an outdoor fitness rig from Sunshine Gym can enhance an existing gym, be installed as part of a larger outdoor gym including cardio and strength stations or feature as a standalone exercise facility.
Get in touch with our teams today to discuss how an outdoor fitness rig can benefit your community.