Take steps to better health today

Take steps to better health today
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Changing habits can lead to better health.

Taking part in physical activity is one change that is known to have significant health benefits for hearts, bodies and minds.
However according to the World Health Organisation, one in four adults do not meet the global recommended levels of physical activity.
At Sunshine Gym we work to deliver fitness opportunities for everybody, breaking down barriers and opening up free-to-access, easy-to-use outdoor gyms for people of all ages, abilities and experience across the UK.
More active people help to make healthier communities. So how can an outdoor gym from Sunshine Gym support those making the change to a more active lifestyle?

Take the first step

Without the pressure of intimidation some people feel visiting a traditional indoor gym, an outdoor gym can offer users the chance to try something new.
Whether it is giving functional fitness moves a try, stepping on an outdoor treadmill like a Double Health Walker for the first time, or taking up a challenge in aid of charity, an outdoor gym offers  supportive environment.
As well as accessible equipment that is simple to operate, Sunshine Gym designs outdoor gyms which encourage users to motivate each other through clever layout and the inclusion of multi-user equipment.
And because each station is operated only by the individual user, they are in complete control of the speed, pace and intensity of their workout.
Just getting moving – whether it’s 10 minutes on the Arm & Pedal Bike or completing dips on the Parallel Rails after returning to exercise – is the first step to take.

Find the fun

For a healthier heart body and mind, we suggest listening to your heart, body and mind!
With such a wide variety of outdoor gym equipment available from Sunshine Gym, we take the time to talk to clients about the drivers behind their investment to design an outdoor fitness zone that meets their goals, and the goals of the potential users.
We take into account the type of community we are working with – is it a neighbourhood gym, school gym, workplace gym or even a gym for secure or restricted access units?
This information all helps to determine the type of equipment to include which will pique the interest of users, help them to enjoy exercise and keep them returning to the facility.
We believe equipment like the Double Slalom Skier and Horse Rider are among our most popular because they are fun and exhilarating. They are perfect for gyms which are encouraging young, reluctant or first-time gym users to get active.
Likewise, we offer Multi Gym arrangements which can accommodate multiple users if the gym is intended for class use.
Or we can mix up the training opportunities available to users with both strength and cardiovascular fitness equipment available.
We believe putting the fun and enjoyment into fitness helps to make exercise a ‘don’t miss’ feature of healthy lifestyles.

Make time to exercise

Shift work, family commitments, homework… while it’s important to commit to finding opportunities to exercise, activities also have to be able to accommodate general demands on time.
Many outdoor gyms installed by Sunshine Gym have been created so users have access all day, every day.
The equipment we offer is designed here in the UK to include features such as comfortable rubber hand grips and moulded seats for rainwater runoff to counteract the effects of a changeable climate.
Our surfacing options are also designed to make outdoor gyms useable and inviting all year round.
If people are pledging their time to improve their health, it’s only right to support that pledge by having the right facilities and infrastructure in place, such as an outdoor gym from Sunshine Gym.

Move a little more

Outdoor gym equipment from Sunshine Gym is designed for everybody regardless of fitness level, experience, ability or background.
We offer a range of inclusive outdoor gym equipment and wheelchair accessible outdoor gym equipment to encourage every one of us to move a little more.
We also help buyers to develop sustainable outdoor gyms, designing layouts with the potential to add more equipment in the future or which maximise the available space without compromising on safety, such as with the addition of Multi Gyms.
Outdoor gyms from Sunshine Gym are free to access once installed, available for use 24/7, 365 days a year and uniquely designed for locations convenient to the community they serve.
These factors can all encourage more people to move a little more, building their confidence to reach their goals.

Take care of your mind too

Spending time outdoors is a fantastic step towards better health. It improves mood, reduces feelings of stress, and helps to connect people to their environment.
Studies have shown that exercising outdoors encourages people to work a little harder or for longer as they feel the benefits of being outside.
With more opportunities to socialise in an outdoor gym, there’s more motivation while taking a screen break and enjoying time in the natural world can aid mental restoration.
Taking steps to better health means making choices which put the individual first and having the option of exercising outdoors in a safe and welcoming outdoor gym environment is important.

The first steps to better health can be quite simple steps but also quite effective steps.
Contact the Sunshine Gym team to discover how an outdoor gym can benefit your community and support those choosing to improve their wellbeing.