Free Teacher Training Sessions for Outdoor Gyms | Sunshine Gym Case Study

Sunshine Gym rep, Gareth Wilson, visited Hill View primary after another successful installation…

…and the teachers couldn’t wait to get involved with their playground gym!

At Sunshine Gym, we offer Free Outdoor Gym Training Sessions with every installation. The options schools are posed with are:

  • safety lessons and introductions for pupils
  • demonstrations and lesson plans with the staff.

In the end, Hill View primary opted for the latter option, and Gareth was pleased to report a very fruitful playground gym training session!

His time at the school included a circuit training class on each piece of outdoor fitness equipment. Therefore, for each of the six units, the staff took part in…

  1.  A warm up
  2.  A safe, well timed activity
  3.  A cool down

Now, when the lucky pupils at Hill View come to use their brand new equipment, they and their parents know they’ll have the full support, supervision and advice of teachers. All thanks to our Sunshine Gym experts!

Interested in your own playground gym? Take a look at the equipment Hill View Primary chose:

Children’s Arm & Pedal Bicycle

Children’s Double Health Walker

Children’s Double Slalom Skier

Children’s Horse Rider

Children’s Rower

Children’s Sky Stepper

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