Outdoor Gym | Manor Gardens | Sunshine Gym

Sunshine Gym have just completed a small area for outdoor fitness at Manor Gardens in Market Drayton.

This small green space is situated amongst a residential area, and the fitness equipment has been installed in a bid to encourage residents living close by to engage in outdoor exercise.

The gym consists of three pieces of outdoor gym equipment, which are designed for a maximum of adult users over 140cm in height.

The equipment has been installed along with Grass Saver Matting which will ensure that the grass remains intact and luscious for years to come.

The pieces of equipment installed include the:

These three pieces of equipment will allow users to engage in a full body cardio workout.

The best part about these specific machines, is that they are common pieces which are often found in indoor gyms too.

Meaning that they will be familiar to both avid gym goers and non-regular gym users too.

Find out more about our indoor vs outdoor machines here…

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