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Discover our full range of Children's Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor equipment is perfect for adults looking for an alternative to the traditional indoor gym.

Sunshine Gym’s full size outdoor fitness equipment for adults is suitable for users over 140cm / 4’ 7”.  That means whether you’re looking to install a fitness station for students, exercise enthusiasts, busy parents, dog-walkers or senior citizens… you’re in the right place!

You may have noticed outdoor gyms in parks popping up across the UK. This is thanks to a greater appreciation for the health & wellbeing benefits of exercising outside.

At Sunshine Gym we want to bring this experience to people from all walks of life. Therefore our competitively priced range of outdoor fitness equipment for adults covers all sorts of exercise activities to suit various locations and fitness levels. From warm up equipment to the challenge of an outdoor chest press machine.

In addition to the excellent health benefits of visiting an outdoor fitness station, our equipment offers social opportunities for adults. You might install our ‘double’ outdoor gym equipment units at a place of work, local park, or holiday resort. Should you do so, you’ll soon notice quite how sociable and supportive outdoor exercise can be.

At the end of the day, working out should not be a chore. For many adults, going to the gym can be expensive, inaccessible or just daunting, however outdoor exercise equipment is different. Sunshine Gym’s outdoor fitness solution has no in-built resistance, meaning adults have full control over their use of the equipment. This keeps enjoyment high and competition at a more healthy level!

Each piece of outdoor gym equipment offers different workout options so adults can choose between cardio and various strength exercises. You can find out what muscles outdoor gym equipment works by viewing individual products.

Browse the full range below or explore our sector-specific gym packages. Alternatively, contact a Sunshine Gym expert for free advice on how to buy and choose adults’ outdoor gym equipment.

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  1. double sit up bench |outdoor incline bench | outdoor fitness equipment from Sunshine Gym
    Double Sit Up Bench
  2. Double Sky Stepper
    Double Sky Stepper
  3. Horse Rider | outdoor horse rider simulator | outdoor fitness equipment from sunshine gym
    Horse Rider
  4. Arm and pedal bicycle |outdoor arm and pedal bike | outdoor fitness equipment from sunshine gym
    Arm & Pedal Bicycle
  5. Bicycle | outdoor exercise bike | outdoor fitness equipment from sunshine gym
    Outdoor Exercise Bike
  6. Double strength challenger |outdoor arm wrestle | outdoor fitness equipment
    Double Strength Challenger
  7. Waist Twister |outdoor waist twister |outdoor fitness equipment from sunshine gym
    Waist Twister
  8. Health Walker | Outdoor Treadmill | Outdoor fitness equipment from Sunshine Gym
    Health Walker/Outdoor Treadmill
  9. Twist N Step | Dual Use Adults' Outdoor Fitness Equipment by Sunshine Gym
    Twist N Step
  10. Leg Raise | outdoor leg raise |outdoor fitness equipment from sunshine gym
    Leg Raise
  11. leg stretch | adults outdoor gym equipment
    Leg Stretch
  12. Outdoor Table Tennis Table | Sunshine Gym
    Outdoor Table Tennis Table
    Special Price £595.00 RRP £650.00
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Items 13-24 of 34